fitlet2 – pre assembled

The fitlet2 series is made like a 3D puzzle game, with metal devices that can be clicked together. This makes it very easy, for example. to install RAM, memory or expansion card, also called FACET-card.


All models are based on Intel’s quad-core Apollo-Lake processors with Intel Atom® x7-E3950 Quad Core CPU being the most powerful variant. fitlet2 supports up to 16GB RAM and storagepossibilities from eMMC to 2.5″ SSD.


General purpose configurations

fitlet2 can be configured for many different projects, which is why we have configured some models, which can be used for general purposes.
If none of the configurations can be used in your project, we refer to our build your own category.


Please note, we strive to have these models on stock, which ensures that we can deliver them with a short delivery time.

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