fitlet2 – build your own

The fitlet2 series is made like a 3D puzzle game, with metal devices that can be clicked together. This makes it very easy, for example. to install RAM, memory or expansion card, also called FACET-card.


All models are based on Intel’s quad-core Apollo-Lake processors with Intel Atom® x7-E3950 Quad Core CPU being the most powerful variant. fitlet2 supports up to 16GB RAM and storagepossibilities from eMMC to 2.5″ SSD.


FACET-card – almost unlimited expansion possibilites

fitlet2 has the opportunity for further expansions with Function and Connectivity Extension Tcard (FACETcard).


“IoT gateways have to be small, affordable and reliable” said Irad Stavi, Chief Product Officer at Compulab. “Furthermore, each IoT application requires a slightly different set of features. The most effective way to meet this requirement is by integrating an application-specific module into the gateway. fitlet2 achieves this flexibility with FACET cards.”


Compulab developed several FACET cards for fitlet2, including:

• FC-M2LAN (2x Gbit Ethernet)
• FC-PCI (M.2 E-Key + mini-PCIe)
• FC-USB (4x USB 2.0)
• FC-POED (Gbit Ethernet with PoE Device)
• FC-SCG (serial, CANbus and GPIO)
Additional FACET cards are under development.


Compulab Nordic helps you with your IoT project, as we offer that you can configure your fitlet2, exactly as you need. After the order, we will build your device, which adds 3-5 workdays for assembly to the delivery. If you are in need for a mini PC right away, we refer to our pre-assembled models, which is our most ordered models.


Please note, there will be few restrictions on some of the FACET-cards, which will be specified in the configuration options.

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