fitlet-i Barebone, FITLET-GI-C64-WACB

fitlet-i is a miniature, fanless and ruggedized PC, featuring all the expected functionality and then some.
fitlet-i standard features are unusually rich for a computer its size, including up to 8 GB RAM, mSATA, dual head HDMI, dual GbE LAN, WLAN 802.11ac, micro-SD socket and 6 USB port (2 USB3). Beyond that, fitlet-i features a powered eSATA, RS232, SMBUS, UART, 8 GPIOs and provision for mobile data communication. All features are completely user accessible. A great deal of thought was given to real-world usability scenarios resulting in a long list of integrator-friendly features: power plug locking, USB plugs locking, replaceable battery, programmable power-on, remote power button, power button locking and robust mounting.

fitlet-i Barebone, FITLET-GI-C64-WACB

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Ram * 


Operating system / Software * 

Mobile Network * 

Note that the 3G / 4G module replaces the wireless network card in the PC as there is only one Mini PCIe socket available. SIM card reader is on the motherboard and SIM card / data subscription not included.


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