Specifically for this variant: FITLET2-BAREBONE
fitlet2 barebone with Intel Processor.

State of the art miniature fanless design

fitlet2 is one of the smallest full-featured PCs on the market, with the measurements 84mm x 112mm.

fitlet2 is designed as a jigsaw puzzle in 3D, with metal units, which easily can be assembled. This makes it very simple to install RAM, memory and expansion cards.

This model is based on Intel Atom x7-E3950 Processor.

Two big considerations in an IoT-project, is reliability and longevity. fitlet2 excels in both.
fitlet2 is fanless and therefore it eliminates aging of the product, which allows an unconditional warranty for 5 years.

fitlet2 is small enough to easily and safely be installed in almost any IoT scenario – in a closet, in a vehicle, in a vending machine or behind a monitor, on either the wall or a furniture. Here belongs both VESA og DIN-rail mounting.


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