MintBox is a product line of miniature fanless PCs ready to use with Linux Mint pre-installed. It is the result of a close partnership between Compulab and the Linux Mint team which started in 2012 with the introduction of the first MintBox.

Currently there are three Linux Mint PC variants:
MintBox 2 is a high-performance model based on Intel Core i5.
MintBox Mini is the smallest and most cost effective model.
MintBox Mini Pro is a more powerful, feature-rich and rugged version of MintBox Mini.
All models are fanless and come with a 5 year warranty.

Models comparison
Brief side-by-side comparison between the different models.
For full comparison check models specifications at the product pages.

MintBox 2
MintBox Mini
MintBox Mini Pro

Intel Core i5-3337U
AMD A4 Micro-6400T
AMD A10 Micro-6700T

Installed RAM
(max capacity)
4 GB
(16 GB)
4 GB
(8 GB)
8 GB
(8 GB)

500 GB HDD
120 GB SSD

2x Gbit Ethernet
1x Gbit Ethernet
2x Gbit Ethernet


190x160x40 mm
108x83x24 mm
108x83x24 mm

DKK 5760,-
ekskl. moms
DKK 2790,-
ekskl. moms
DKK 3730,-
ekskl. moms

“We’re very excited to work with Compulab on the new MintBox Mini. This new unit is smaller in size (about a 5th of the MintBox’s volume) and it can fit in your pocket. At half the price, it’s more affordable than the MintBox 2 and it features great connectivity, SSD storage and very decent performance (twice as fast as the original MintBox Pro model).”
Clement Lefebvre,
Project Leader at Linux Mint

“Compulab and the Linux Mint team share a passion for openness and elegance. Linux Mint out-of-the-box makes it more approachable, and we are glad that we can extend Linux Mint reach further by offering it on MintBox Mini which is smaller and more affordable than ever before.”
Irad Stavi,
Chief Product Officer, Compulab

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