fitlet2 – WILD

Compulab Wi-Fi Indoor Location Device (WILD) is the 1st Wi-Fi RTT enabled access-point. WILD is based on fitlet2 miniature fanless IoT gateway (the same platform used for the popular MintBox Mini 2) which provides remarkable functionality.

Accurate real-time indoor location is beneficial to many IoT applications, including mobile robots, autonomous vehicles, mobile assets and computerized hand-held devices. WILD IoT makes a capable Wi-Fi RTT ready platform that can be easily integrated into such systems, making them location-aware.

WILD IoT provides exceptional real-time location accuracy below 0.5m in three dimensions.

WILD IoT incorporates the same hardware of a WILD access-point and is using the same software, making the devices interchangeable.


Wi-Fi RTT enables real-time accurate indoor location which has countless uses in retail, health care, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, smart buildings, entertainment and many more segments.

A user can benefit from services like finding a product in a department store, navigating to a booth in a tradeshow, be directed back to a parked car and many others.

Wi-Fi RTT is designed with privacy in mind. The user has full control of whether, where and when to enable it, and does not have to associate with a Wi-Fi network or identify. In many cases anonymous indoor location can replace intrusive video-based tracking.

Property owners can utilize Wi-Fi RTT for location-based interaction with visitors to provide services like notifications and directions, suggesting a nearby product, offering assistance etc. Location data can prove valuable for generating accurate heatmaps and understanding patterns of visitor behavior on premises.

Wi-Fi RTT technology is included in Android 9 Pie and can be used commercially today. Owners of Android 9 Pie smartphones can start today using Wi-Fi RTT indoor location services in buildings having WILD access-points installed.

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