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fitlet-RM is a rugged miniature fanless PC in an an all-metal housing. fitlet-RM provides excellent durability at extreme temperatures and conditions of shock, vibration and dust.
In many independent benchmarks fitlet-RM achieves higher scores than PCs based on Intel® Atom™. It effectively doubles the performance of the original fitlet-i.
fitlet-RM is built to last
The miniature 0.22 liter housing of fitlet-RM is all metal with interlocking parts for structural strength. fitlet-RM has no moving parts thanks to passive cooling and SSD storage. The embedded-grade motherboard and passive-cooling allow fitlet-RM to operate at an unusually wide temperature range of -400C to 700C. Ventless design and no internal airflow make fitlet-RM an extremely reliable computer in dusty, corrosive or humid environments. These properties also make fitlet-RM an excellent choice for sterilized rooms. fitlet-RM comes with a 5 year warranty.



CPU: AMD A4 Micro-6400T | 2x GbE | Powered eSATA | 802.11ac + BT 4.0

Package Content:

Power Supply (12v 3A) with NA & EU plugs | HDMI to DVI adapter | RCA cable for S/PDIF | serial DB9 adapter | mSATA heat-plate | M2 Screw for mSATA x2 | WiFi antenna x2 | Owners manual

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