SBC-FLT single-board-computer for deeply embedding fitlet

SBC-FLT is a miniature single-board-computer for embedded applications.

SBC-FLT advantages:

  • Very small form factor
  • High performance and low power
  • Rich functionality with all features of fitlet
  • Fanless operation
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Cost effective

SBC-FLT form factor:
Measuring just 100mm x 80mm, SBC-FLT is one of the smallest single-board-computers in its class.

SBC-FLT performance and power:
SBC-FLT provides higher performance than Atom based SBCs in most benchmarks.
The power of SBC-FLT is adjustable through BIOS. Typical power consumption of SBC-FLT is 5W to 10W.

SBC-FLT functionality:
SBC-FLT has dual HDMI, 2 to 4 Gbit Ethernet ports, multiple USB3 / USB2, audio, serial and more. SBC-FLT is easy to extend and upgrade with an SODIMM DDR3L supporting up to 8 GB RAM, mSATA and mini-PCIe for WiFi or cellular data communication. SBC-FLT supports FACET cards for extending with custom functionality and I/O.

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SBC-FLT-C67 – Single Board Computer (fitlet-iA10) – SBC-FLT-C67-S-E2S-H

SBC-FLT-C67 – Single Board Computer (fitlet-iA10) – SBC-FLT-C67-S-E2S-H

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