With an A17 Quad Core ARM CPU and a T764 Quad Core GPU, Minix X88-i performance is outstanding. Video playback is smooth even at 60fps (HDMI 2.0 4K2K Ultra HD).

Gigabit Ethernet is standard while 802.11ac dual band wifi is ideal for consistent and reliable high speed communication when a wired connection is not possible. A robust metal casing is also a unique feature in the Minix range.

Numerous enhancements to the Android KitKat 4.4.2 and hardware enable such features as portrait mode, OTA updates, auto startup and fast boot times making the Minix X88-i ideal for running demanding commercial applications rivalling considerably higher priced windows based devices.

Add with a meagre power consumption of an estimated 5-6W under full system load the X88-i has strong green credentials and runs silently with no moving parts. For commercial applications often running 24/7/365 this is a major consideration.

Minix X88-i Android player

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