Tensor PC

A mini PC that consits of modules, which you easily can replace, specifically for your needs, has now landed. Tensor PC allows you to build a computer exactly as you need it.

Tensor PC I20A is based on the 9th generation of Intel Core / Xeon processor “Coffee Lake Refresh” with up to 6 cores. The performance of the Tensor PC can be compared to a Compulab IPC3.

Back in 2011 Compulab introduced the concept of FACE modules, where it was possible to partly change the I/O on the IPC. You were able to change the front of the PC and partly customize the IPC to a specific project.
Tensor PC allows you to install up to 8 TRIP (Tensor Ribbon Port) modules, which allows you to install TEL (Tensor Element) modules, where a TEL can be compared to the functionality of a FACE module. Each TRIP can be connected to different types of TEL.
A TEL can be installed on all 4 sides of the Tensor PC and can easily and safely be installed without the use of screws.
By installing a TEL, the Tensor PC will automatically detect which type of TEL there has been installed in which TRIP and reconfigure itself to support this. If there is an incompatible TEL, the PC will automatically deactivate it.
If a TEL is defective, you can easily change it in stead of sending the entire PC to RMA.

There will be different types of TEL, which can be categorized as below. Compulab will keep working on developing new TEL. All the below TEL will not be available at launch.

Storage TEL
TEL-NVME – M.2 2280 NVMe or M.2 SATA.
TEL-SATAX1 – 1x 2.5″ SSD / HDD.
TEL-SATAX4 – 4x 2.5″ SSD/HDD.

Power TEL
PM-12V – miniature 12V power modul with polarity, over-voltage protection and twist-lock jack.
PM-WIDE – regulating wide-input voltage, high current power module.
PM-BALANCER – power load-balancer between 2 inputs for power redundancy.

TEL-STD – Display Port and Gbit Ethernet.
TELMINIDPX2 – 2x Display Port.
TEL-DPHDMI – Dispaly Port and HDMI.
TEL-USB3X4V – 4x USB3 type A, vertical connectors.
TEL-USB3X4H – 4x USB3 type A, horizontal connectors.
TEL-USB2X4V – 4x USB2 type A, vertical connectors.
TEL-USB3X4VPCIE – 4x USB3 type A, vertical connectors using PCIe to USB3 bridge.
TEL-TBX2 – 2x Thunderbolt 3 with USB type C connectors.
TEL-AUDIO – Headphones/line-out and microphone using 2x 3.5mm jacks.
TEL-SERX4 – 4x RS232/RS485 with DB9 connectors.
TEL-CANBUS – CANbus interface using DB9 connector.
TEL-GPIO – up to 20 isolated general purpose I/O which uses terminal blocks.

Networking TEL
TEL-LANX2 – 2x Gbit Ethernet ports using RJ45 connectors.
TEL-LANX4 – 4x Gbit Ethernet ports using RJ45 connectors.
TEL-POEX2 – 2x Gbit Ethernet with PSE PoE using RJ45 connectors.
TEL-OPLNX2 – 2x fiber optical Gbit Ethernet using SFP+ sockets.
TEL-10GBEX2 – 2x 10 Gbit Ethernet ports.

Extension TEL
TEL-MINIPCIE – mini-PCIe socket with a panel mounted tray for SIM-card.
TEL-M2E – M.2 key-E socket.
TEL-M2B – M.2 key-B socket with a panel mounted tray for SIM-card.
TEL-PCIE16 – supports full-size PCIe card, PCIe x1 | PCIe x2 | PCIe x4 | PCIe x8 | PCIe x16.
TEL-SPLITPCIE – Reroutes 4 PCIe x1 ports on a TRIP to 4 TRIPs, where they only have PCIe x1 available.
TEL-SV – microcontroller based TEL to out-of-band management and monitoring.

Tensor PC I20A can also be configured with different widths and heights, as the above picture indicates. There are a few TELs, which requires a specific height. Besides this, a greater width allows for more TELs configured on the Tensor PC.
There are also (currently) 3 different cooling rips, which the PC can be configured with.

The Tensor PC also comes with extended (TE) and industrial (TI) temperature ranges. The TE/TI PCs will be build differently than by commercial temperature range, to ensure a high quality. Besides, there will only be used industrial grade storage devices and all TE/TI units are tested at extreme temperatures.
Tensor PC I20A also has the opportunity to not reduce performance at high ambient temperatures through TIPP (Industrial Temperature Predictable Performance).

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My name is Benjamin Elsholm and I am our internal expert in the Tensor-I20A.
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