Specifics for this variant: IPC2-C5650-FMPOE-D16-H250S
Intense PC2 with Intel 5th Gen Core i7-5650U Processor (Broadwell)

Powerful fanless mini pc with great expansion opportunities.

Intense PC2 is a fully functional fanless mini pc based on 4th generation intel Core™ i7 processor in a robust metal case.

This mini PC has a wide variety of applications – Industrial control and automization, network- and communications infrastructure, mediaplayers, IPTV, Infotainment systems, digital signage and smart kiosks and more!

this model is configured with 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD 2.5″ and FM-POE

To store overvejelser i et IoT-projekt, er pålidelighed og lang levetid. IPC2 brillere i begge. IPC2 er uden blæser og dermed elimineres ældning af produktet, som udgør en garanti på 5 år.

Two big considerations you have to make in an IoT-project, is reliability and longevity. IPC2 is brilliant in both. IPC2 is fanless and therefor it wont be damaged by aging like other products will. for his reason it also has a 5 year guarantee.

Notice this specific product is not sold with an operating system.

Weight 3 kg

IPC2 is a fully functional miniature computer based on Intel 4th generation (Haswell ULT) Mobile Intel® Core™ 64-bit dual core processor family, features Intel HD graphics engine and rich connectivity options.
IPC2 serves a wide range of applications – industrial control and automation, networking and communications infrastructures, media players, IPTV, infotainment system, digital signage and smart kiosks, gaming or small-footprint desktop replacement.

IPC2 C5650, FM-POE, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD 2,5”

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