CompuLab Nordic makes a distribution agreement with TAICENN Technology in Scandinavia


TAICENN Technology is a leading global manufacturer of industrial panel PCs, industrial monitors and industrial and embedded PC products. The products are designed specifically for systems and applications that require good performance, reliability and high level stability, long delivery guarantee and support.

Partnerships with core partners

For the past few years, TAICENN focus has been to establish partnerships with core partners in several countries. Compulab Nordic in Denmark have now joined that group and will be assigned Denmark, Sweden and Norway as distribution areas.

Shorter time to the market

TAICENN is continuously optimizing their production and facilities and are striving to have as short a production time as possible. Therefore, even in the current difficult situation on the market with long production and delivery times in general, they can produce large numbers of units quickly and efficiently.

Products of particularly good quality

At CompuLab Nordic, we sell brands and products that are of particularly good quality and that fit into our other range of industry-suitable PC and server products, Displays and Panel-PC devices.

With the addition of TAICENN to the range, we significantly expand our range of especially Panel PCs and industrial screens and at the same time our range of Box PC products gets a much wider range. Over the past year, we have started several projects with TAICENN PC products. The quality is top notch and the delivery time and often very short.

The range will be continuously expanded and can be found on the website.